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£160.00 (Sold out)

A Scout series target suitable for .22LR rimfire.

The target is  perfect for use out in the field, and can be easily carried with the handle.
The Battery pack means you can use the target wherever you are.
The target auto resets and, with no strings to pull you have more time to shoot and enjoy yourself.
The target functions just like the other scout target series yet has been built to withstand the increased forces of .22LR rimfire rounds.

Two modes: Target Mode and Hunter Mode


1  Scout series .22LR Rimfire Electronic Illuminated Target.
1  Nimh Rechargeable Battery Pack
1  240V Mains Smart auto stop Battery Charger
1  Instructions


Carrying handle

8mm thick steel front plate. 7" x 7"  with a choice of either 25, 32 or 40 mm target aperture.

8mm internal steel striker plate. Suitable for all types of .22LR ammo

3mm thick steel body. Serious protection from crossfire.

Two 13mm round ground spikes

55 cm overall height. Centre of HIT Zone is 42cm from spike

Recommended Power Range: 50 to 120 FtLb

The target is painted in an Acrylic paint for cosmetic appearance. Note: The paint will come off when shot and you will need to repaint the target exterior periodically if you care for the cosmetic appearance. The Hit zone does not ...and should not be painted, it will remain visible when illuminated.

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