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Dueling Tree


Go Head to Head with Mates or Practice Solo

Player 1 and Player 2 shoot simultaneously to shoot target paddles over to your opponents side !

The Dueling Tree is a great way to increase shooting speed and accuracy while having fun. It's Very Addictive!

Four different sized targets 40, 35, 30 25mm -  Different sized targets for greater skill

Engineered from Thick Steel and Powder Coated in the UK.  Superb Quality built to last.
Suitable for all non FAC airguns - easily adjustable control tension to work with air pistols and high power rifles
Many great ways to play:
Starting with 4 paddles on each side, competitors attempt to hit all of the paddles onto the side of their opponent. The first to succeed wins!
10 shots each, the loser has the most paddles !
After 60 seconds the winner has the least paddles!
Invent your own rules..

These targets are the best quality around at a fantastic price!  

NOTE FOLKS; The base will need bolting to the target, that will require a flat blade screwdriver, a 13mm spanner and 60 seconds

Weight: 1.7 KG
Size 45cm tall x 18cm high x 18cm wide

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